Rick Wakeman records for the royals

Rick Wakeman © DMEWhen there’s a record to be done about this or that British monarch, real or mythical, one shouldn’t go farther than to Rick Wakeman – although the legendary keyboardist made inroads into the Bohemian and Neapolitan history – but it’s never involved today’s royalty. Yet Prince Philip is a Companion Rat, a title bestowed upon an avid supporter of the Grand Order of Water Rats, which is an entertainers’ brotherhood who celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2014. So Rick, being the current King Rat, was invited to Buckingham Palace for a private function graced by the presence of the Queen, on November 13, and asked to write music for the occasion. Wakeman obliged and came up with three pieces inspired by Sandringham House, a wonderful estate owned by Elizabeth II.

The Caped Crusader recorded it with the violin, viola, cello and double bass being performed by members of the Orion Symphony Orchestra, and presented this special CD to the hosts. Of course, there will be a huge interest in it, and a limited edition of the collection is planned to be made available around Christmas time. No further details at the moment, though.

November 28, 2014

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