Rick Wakeman’s Score To Obscure Soccer Film To Be Out

While most of Rick Wakeman fans are familiar with the music he composed for “G’olé!” – the official documentary of the 1982 FIFA World Cup – it would take a true aficionado to recall the Caped Crusader also wrote the score for its follow-up. Unlike the former, though, the latter didn’t see the soundtrack’s stand-alone release – maybe because the keyboard melodies weren’t on par with the first one, and even RWCC doesn’t list the O.S.T. – yet this situation is to be remedied on February 22nd, when a CD with a whopping 31 vignettes will see the light of day. Hardly essential, of course, but completists should rejoice.



The tracks run like this:

1. Maradona
2. Maradona Strikes Again!
3. England Nil. Maradona Two
4. Bring On Barnsie
5. Viva Argentina!
6. Argentina Chant!
7. No Defence
8. One Nil To Argentina
9. Two Nil To Argentina
10. Untitled
11. Argentina Vs Germany
12. Half Time Score 2:1
13. It’s A Draw (For Now)
14. The Final Push
15. Final Theme
16. Preparations For Final #2
17. Preparations For Final #3
18. Start Of Extra Time
19. End Of Extra Time
20. End Of Penalty
21. Graciani Off The Field
22. Half Time
23. Give Me Gole!
24. Italy Goal Theme
25. Spanish Montage
26. End Title
27. Celebrations/dreaming
28. Italian Goal ‘A’
29. Graciani’s Injury
30. Untitled
31. Half Time

February 4, 2019

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