Rik Emmett’s New Album To Feature Lifeson And LaBrie

It’s all about never stopping for Rik Emmett whose latter-day oeuvre knows no genre boundaries, yet it’s about Canada as well on the guitarist’s “RES 9” album that will be out on November 11th. Recorded with the members of RESolution9, the veteran’s touring band – and credited to him and his trio – the record sees a short but impressive list of guests that’s comprised not only of Rik’s former TRIUMPH colleagues Mike Levine and Gil Moore teaming up with Emmett for a bonus track, but also, together ans apart, of Alex Lifeson, courtesy of RUSH, and DREAM THEATER’s James LaBrie, all being Rik’s compatriots.

RIK EMMETT & RESolution9 - RES 9

RIK EMMETT & RESolution9 –

The reflection of a journey through the artist’s life, as Rik Emmett describes it, the album looks like this:

1. Stand Still
2. Human Race (feat. Alex Lifeson)
3. I Sing (feat. James LaBrie)
4. My Cathedral
5. The Ghost Of Shadow Town
6. When You Were My Baby
7. Sweet Tooth
8. Heads Up
9. Rest Of My Life
10. End Of The Line (feat. Alex Lifeson & James LaBrie)
bonus track:
11. Grand Parade (feat. Gil Moore & Mike Levine)

September 16, 2016

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