Robby Krieger Leads His Soulmates Out Of The Studio

Despite Robby Krieger‘s firm affiliation with classic rock, it was his jazzy leanings that made the guitarist’s contribution to the albums by THE DOORS and BUTTS BAND so special – but there seemed to be no more bands he would like to be associated with for almost five decades afterwards. Yet recently the veteran came up with a new ensemble of his own, called THE SOUL SAVAGES and ready to release their self-titled debut on January 19th, 2004.

Robby Krieger & The Soul Savages

A conglomerate of friends whose number include renowned bassist Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, keyboard player Ed Roth, and drummer Franklin Vanderbilt, all of them possessing a rich experience of performing soul, so there’s much more to their joint effort with Krieger than pure fusion, as the quartet also delve into blues. With the group’s first single already out (listen to it below), their forthcoming instrumental platter is something to be looking forward to.

1. Shark Skin Suit
2. Samosas & Kingfishers
3. A Day In L.A
4. Killzone
5. Contrary Motion
6. Never Say Never
7. Bouncy Betty
8. Ricochet Rabbit
9. Blue Brandino
10. Math Problem

November 12, 2023

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