Robby Steinhardt’s Star-Studded Rock Opera Set For Posthumous Release

It’s been only three months since the passing of Robby Steinhardt, KANSAS’ original violinist and one of the ensemble’s singers, yet his legacy lives on. The veteran had never had never had a solo career, venturing beyond the band for a two-platter collaboration with guitarist Rick Moon in the mid-’90s before coming back to the fold, and there were a few guest spots later on, including a song on Jon Anderson‘s "1000 Hands" in 2019, and it was this part that made the album’s producer Michael Franklin to approach Robby with an idea of a similar star-studded record. Steinhardt happened to have several pieces prepared for what could become – and became – a rock opera which he, sadly, wouldn’t see brought to fruition.

Not In Kansas Anymore

Titled, rather on-the-nose, “Not In Kansas Anymore” with sales scheduled to start on October 25th, the prog extravaganza features such luminaries as Bobby Kimball on vocals, Ian Anderson on flute, Patrick Moraz and Chuck Leavell on keyboards, Steve Morse, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers and Les Dudek on guitars, and Billy Cobham on drums, playing all new songs and, of course, a fresh version of “Dust In The Wind” where Robby’s accompanied by orchestra. The dedicated website is to open on the same date, but the result will look like this (read the review):

1. Tempest
2. Truth 2 Power
3. Mother Earth
4. Climb To Grace
5. The Phoenix
6. Prelude
7. Dust In The Wind
8. Pizzacato
9. Tuck Tuck
10. Not In Kansas Anymore
11. A Prayer For Peace

October 23, 2021

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