Robert Berry Reboots “3” – With Keith Emerson’s Contributions

It’s been three decades since the only album by 3 – a band comprised of Robert Berry, Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer – saw the light of day. Negative critics’ reaction notwithstanding, “…To The Power Of Three” remains a connoisseur delight and is a favorite with many a fan. The trio toured and planned a second record, yet it didn’t happen, and what had been written for it ended up on Robert’s “Pilgrimage To A Point” which drew less attention than the music contained within deserved. Fast forward to 2015, and Berry and Emerson reignited their joint creativity, composed a number of pieces and were ready to lay those down in a studio, when Keith moved on from this mortal coil, and the project – now christened 3.2 – seemed to be abandoned, until Robert finally decided to finish what would be titled “The Rules Have Changed” by recording all parts himself, based on cassettes from the days of yore and fresh ideas outlined with Keith.

3.2 - The Rules Have Changed

3.2 –
The Rules Have Changed

Scheduled for release on August 10th, the record will contain the following tracks – the first of them can be listened to below (read the review):

1. One By One
2. Powerful Man
3. The Rules Have Changed
4. Our Bond
5. What You’re Dreaming Now
6. Somebody’s Watching
7. This Letter
8. Your Mark On The World

May 22, 2018

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