Robert Hart Joins The Circus

The world has yet to hear new songs Robert Hart must contribute to the MANFRED MANN‘S EARTH BAND canon after serving with them for more than a dozen years, yet the singer’s been owning the ensemble’s classic repertoire from day one – just like he did when he joined BAD COMPANY in 1993 to first go on tour with the veterans and then record “Company Of Strangers” and “Stories Told & Untold” before becoming, on Kenney Jones’s request, a part of THE JONES GANG with whom he laid down the “Any Day Now” album. Robert penned and spearheaded a couple of all-stars charity singles, 2002’s “It’s All About The Children” and “We Will Remember Them” in 2009, yet Hart’s solo platters were few and far between, four longplay in all, with the fifth scheduled to appear on January 26th.

Following up on the brilliant “Pure” from 2020 which saw Robert work with Tommy Denander, “Circus Life” is produced, like its predecessor, by FM’s Steve Overland and features former Ian Gillan’s guitarist Steve Morris, MSG’s keyboardist Steve Mann and the THUNDER rhythm section, Chris Childs and Harry James, who more than ably support Hart’s vocals, so there’s a lot to enjoy – as signaled by the album’s first song “Overdrive” (see below).

Circus Life

1. Overdrive
2. Stone Heart
3. Blame It On Me
4. I’m On Your Side
5. I’ll Take The Bullet
6. Lay Me Down Easy
7. Right Here, Right Now
8. Too Much Time On My Hands
9. Bring On Tomorrow
10. That Was The Day
11. The Wrong Side Of Love
12. The Time Of Our Lives

December 7, 2023

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