Robin Trower And Sari Schorr Enjoy The Sky On A Joint Album

While a few fans were somewhat disappointed with the recent announcement of a not-so-deluxe treatment of Robin Trower‘s debut album, all the aficionados are bound to rejoice with the news of the forthcoming album the legendary British guitarist laid down jointly with his label mate, American warbler Sari Schorr. The two wonderful artists used to tour together, so the veteran could experience the force of the blues diva’s voice – documented in concert on her latest release, "Live In Europe" – and impressed enough to want to work, probably for the first time in his long career, with female vocals.

featuring SARI SCHORR –
Joyful Sky

The pair’s effort, entitled “Joyful Sky” and set for release on October 27th, features ten robust and infectious Trower originals and will be prefaced by single “Burn” that is to be out on August 18th and can be pre-saved now. A thrilling prospect which may become a blues album of the year.

1. Burn
2. I’ll Be Moving On
3. The Distance Between There & Here
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Change It
6. Joyful Sky
7. Need For You
8. The Circle Is Complete
9. Flatter To Deceive
10. I Will Always Be Your Shelter

August 17, 2023

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