Robin Trower Maps Out Another Route

In this day and age, making huge gaps between records is a luxury veteran artists can’t afford, and doing it more often, like back in the day, seems a wise way to go. That could be a motivation behind Robin Trower‘s decision to follow 2015’s “Something’s About To Change” with a new album so soon. “Where Are You Going To” – another work hinting at motion or transition – is scheduled to hit the shelves on March 25th, its cover somewhat echoing the British guitarist’s ’70s classics.

Looks like the same can be said about the record’s ten songs whose titles scream the blues – note the absence of question mark at the end of the title track and the possible direction of it given in the next song. Read the review.

ROBIN TROWER - Where Are You Going To

Where Are You Going To

1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
2. Where You Are Going To
3. Back Where You Belong
4. Jigsaw
5. The Fruits Of Your Desire
6. We Will Be Together Someday
7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
8. In Too Deep
9. I’m Holding On To You
10. Delusion Sweet Delusion

February 6, 2016

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