Ashley Hutchings Delivers More Songs From The Shows

When THE ALBION BAND released “Songs From The Shows” back in 1990, it was more than a neat summary of their concert recordings from the late ’70s to the late ’80s; it was an aural extravaganza, with music and words shedding a bright light on the Ashley Hutchings-led ensemble’s folklore-infused, yet unique, world. Not ever losing affinity for this method of structuring a performance, Tyger’s been returning to it time and again, as albums like "A Midwinter Miscellany" keep on suggesting, and now he’s following up on 2021’s "Ninety-Nine Impressions" with a new live record in the same vein.

Titled, quite fittingly, “More Songs From The Shows” and spanning the last six years of coming on stage, the platter will see the light of day on August 26th, with its pieces presenting a very interesting choice of classics. Alongside the veteran’s solo cuts and the numbers he laid down with THE ALBION BAND and FAIRPORT CONVENTION, there are three Dylan tracks and one by Leonard Cohen – all, of course, given a singular Guv’nor treatment.

But before the record’s release, Ashley and his son Blair Dunlop came up with a podcast – there’s a subscription, yet the first episode is free – where a lot of riveting storytelling will unfold and a special discount code will be offered each month by Talking Elephant, a label behind the albums mentioned above. As for the new one, it runs like this (read the review):

More Songs From The Shows

1. Welcome To The World
2. Want Of Will
3. Pedalling Suffragettes
4. One-Eyed Owl
5. Song Of Two Bridges
6. About Dawn
7. Bird On A Wire
8. Crazy Man Michael
9. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
10. Lay Down Your Weary Tune
11. One Of Us Must Know
12. Lost In The Haze
13. Brief Encounters
14. Devil-May-Care In Our Dancing Shoes
15. Thirty-Two Years And A Lifetime

July 15, 2022

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