Rodney Matthews Ready To Release A Star-Studded Record

It was almost four years ago that this site ran the news on Rodney Matthews‘ forthcoming album, yet it took the acclaimed designer much longer to finish “Trinity” that is finally ready for release on CD and vinyl, and also as a deluxe box set. While a few of his collaborators had been there from the beginning – guitarist Jeff Scheetz, who was instrumental in Matthews’ remembering his past as a drummer, keyboard wiz Oliver Wakeman, bassist and singer John Payne – subsequent recordings saw more luminaries join the fold, all recipients of Rodney’s artwork: Rick Wakeman, to handle harpsichord and church organ, and MAGNUM’s Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley in their usual roles.

With the issue date to be announced shortly, here’s an album to look forward to – and here’s the review:


1. The Heavy Metal Hero
2. Mirador
3. The Granite Curtain
4. Night on the Bare Mountain
5. November Wedding
6. Stop the Slaughter
7. The Leavetaking
8. The Hop
9. Rivendell
10. Trinity

September 16, 2019

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