Rodney Matthews Reveals His Coloring Book

He may have displayed a full-on professional musician skills on the "Trinity" album and saw his "Yendor" fantasy story transformed into an animated movie which found quite a few accolades at various film festivals all around the world, yet Rodney Matthews first and foremost remains who he’s always been: an artist – in painting terms of the word.

The Official Colouring Book

However, while many admirers of the veteran’s record covers will pass on purchasing his original drawings and NFTs, for monetary reasons, should not limit themselves to buying calendars or prints now that the renowned illustrator is offering an official coloring book.

With a cover of NAZARETH’s "No Mean City" at the front and with outlines of the likes of TYGERS OF PAN TANG’s “Crazy Nights” and ASIA’s “Arena” inside, spread over 25 pages, any Matthews aficionado can improve their mental health by applying their own hues to Rodney’s classics. Available at his online store, the book is also a brilliant present for adults.

November 28, 2022

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