Rory Gallagher’s Debut Gets An Anniversary Treatment

Rory Gallagher‘s can’t complain when it comes to the late great Irishman’s legacy. There have been remastered reissues and remixed editions, live box sets and previously unreleased material dusted off and made available over the years, yet now the time has come to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the guitarist’s albums. The first in the forthcoming series will, of course, be his self-titled 1971 debut, scheduled to hit the shelves in digital platforms in various formats on September 3rd. In physical form, the expanded record is to appear as a deluxe box, a 2CD set, a limited edition 3LP bundle and on a neon orange transparent LP – also limited variant of original album.

While a 32-page hardback book that will be included in the box set, the best collection of all, is more for visual delight, its aural content is amazing – including a plethora of session recordings, including “At The Bottom” which was left to languish in the archives to get cut afresh for “Against The Grain” four years later. More so, there’s a CD with Gallagher’s Beeb concerts and a DVD with Rory’s entire performance for “Pop Deux” TV show. A must-have item.

Rory Gallagher

CD1 – The album – 50th Anniversary Edition:
1. Laundromat
2. Just The Smile
3. I Fall Apart
4. Wave Myself Goodbye
5. Hands Up
6. Sinner Boy
7. For The Last Time
8. It’s You
9. I’m Not Surprised
10. Can’t Believe It’s True

CD2 – Album Sessions:
1. Gypsy Woman (Tangerine Studio Session)
2. It Takes Time (Tangerine Studio Session)
3. I Fall Apart (Tangerine Studio Session)
4. Wave Myself Goodbye
5. At The Bottom (alt. take 1)
6. At The Bottom (alt. take 2)
7. At The Bottom (alt. take 3)
8. At The Bottom (alt. take 4)
9. Advision Jam
10. Laundromat (alt. take 1)
11. Just The Smile (alt. take 1)
12. Just The Smile (alt. take 2)
13. I Fall Apart (alt. take 1)
14. Wave Myself Goodbye (alt. take 1)
15. Wave Myself Goodbye (alt. take 2)

CD3 – Album Sessions:
1. Hands Up (alt. take 1
2. Hands Up (alt. take 2
3. Hands Up (alt. take 3)
4. Hands Up (alt. take 4)
5. Hands Up (alt. take 5)
6. Hands Up (alt. take 6)
7. Sinner Boy (alt. take 1)
8. Sinner Boy (alt. take 2)
9. Sinner Boy (alt. take 3)
10. For The Last Time (alt. take 1)
11. For The Last Time (alt. take 2)
12. For The Last Time (alt. take 3)
13. It’s You (alt. take 1)
14. It’s You (alt. take 2)
15. I’m Not Surprised (alt. take 1)
16. I’m Not Surprised (alt. take 2)
17. Can’t Believe It’s True (alt. take 1)

CD4 – Live On BBC, 1971:
“Sounds Of The Seventies” – off-air recording:
1. For The Last Time
2. Laundromat
3. It Takes Time
4. I Fall Apart
“John Peel Sunday Concert”:
5. Hands Up
6. For The Last Time
7. In Your Town
8. Just The Smile
9. Laundromat
10. It Takes Time

DVD – “Pop Deux” TV show:
1. Interview
2. Hands Up
3. Wave Myself Goodbye
4. It Takes Time
5. Sinner Boy
6. For the Last Time
7. The Same Thing
8. I Fall Apart

July 15, 2021

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