Roy Harper returns into action

He might not release a new record for the last 13 years, but Roy Harper never was away from the frontline, be it on the Royal Festival Hall stage to celebrate his 70th birthday in the company of Jimmy Page at the end of 2011 or on the fringe of PINK FLOYD’s “Wish You Were Here” reissue extravaganza. But now the veteran comes out of his deceptive retirement and returns to action with “Man And Myth”, a seven-song album he’s notched for the Bella Union label.

Says Roy, “I was inspired to write again around 2009, by many of the younger generation finding me and asking, who are you? But it’s also been those of my own generation, who said they’d never bothered to listen to me until now, but in the process of looking for something else they might like, they’d found me, and some said they now knew why they’d kept hearing my name. Good for your confidence when things like that happen. I’d picked up the guitar after a long break, and this song started to engage me with different tunings and ideas, and suddenly I was off to the races again”.

Out on September 23rd, four of these seven tracks were recorded in the Laurel Canyon studio which belongs to Jonathan Wilson, a fashionable folk revivalist who supported Harper at the Festival Hall. Most welcome comeback it is.

Roy Harper

Roy Harper

1. The Enemy
2. Time Is Temporary
3. January Man
4. The Stranger
5. Cloud Cuckooland
6. Heaven Is Here
7. The Exile

July 4, 2013

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