RUBLOOD – Star Vampire

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RUBLOOD - Star Vampire

Star Vampire

Tasty techno-metal with urbanistic slant to get high and fall down low in one fell swoop.

“Good morning motherfucker! Do you remember me?” is a question posed by “Electro Starfuckers” whose dancefloor-shattering groove is the gist of a zip this Italian quintet serve up in spades. If DEPECHE MODE and METALLICA had an illegitimate child, that would be RUBLOOD but, as their ivories-pressing singer Ruben Roll’s Marc Bolan-ish looks suggest, there’s a glam element to the band’s sonic gloss. Electronic buzz snugly wraps around the two-guitar riffs and Demon G’s drums from the very start, yet it takes some time for adrenaline to surge to the stadium-size level, which unfurls on the piano roll and synthetic layer of “Heart” as well as the machine-gun beats of “Negative Bride” that shudder the solid foundation with warm aggression.

While “Policy Of Truth” seems to be covered in scenic patina, it also offers the most electronica-filled experience where balladry gets drowned in delicious heaviness, whereas the keyboards glide enlivens the trip of “Through The Looking Glass” before “True Blood” pumps up the cinematic shouting. “Ignition” might be the best example of the band’s effusive crossover of modern house and hardcore clang, although there’s no regular claustrophobia in it, and “In Love We Trust” finishes it all in fine rocking fashion to make one long for more stellar sucking. A star is born, the one to watch.


April 4, 2014

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