SECURITY PROJECT Reimagine Peter Gabriel

SECURITY PROJECTThere’s a new force in town. SECURITY PROJECT is a quintet featuring very experienced players, and here’s this case when it’s greater than the sum of its parts. With prog movers Jerry Marotta and Trey Gunn providing vibrant rhythms and driving the ensemble forward, the band are a fantastic live force. Fleshed out with Irish keyboard wiz David Jameson, remembered by connoisseurs from TIME MACHINE, and erstwhile SHRIEKBACK guitarist Michael Cozzi, their frontman is Brian Cummins, known for his touring with THE CARPET CRAWLERS and Mick Pointer’s MARILLION. All of it makes obvious the players’ common denominator: Peter Gabriel whose compositions the group cover on a just-released album “Live 1” – recorded on-stage, of course.

That’s a very interesting selection and it’s fantastic interpretations of art-rock classics, taking in such rarity as “Of These, Hope” from “Passion” and running as far back as “Back In NYC” from GENESIS time. Sure, there’s a KING CRIMSON element to it yet, given Gabriel’s connection to Robert Fripp, it would be logical to explore this route further. Gunn tried it already on his "The Waters, They Are Rising" and now the time came to bring out the test to the wider public. (Read the review.)


Live 1

1. Lay Your Hands
2. I Don’t Remember
3. No Self Control
4. The Family & Fishing Net
5. I Have The Touch
6. Intruder
7. The Rhythm Of The Heat
8. San Jacinto
9. Games Without Frontiers / Of These, Hope
10. Here Comes The Flood
11. Back in NYC
12. Biko


April 7, 2016

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