September 19, 2002


Those who had pleasure reading the DME Phil Mogg interview, will have a chance to listen to what his U.F.O. partner in crime, Pete Way, has to say on the business. A two-hour Pete Way / U.F.O. radio special will go on air on October 4th, the same day the man plays Ohio. The radio station is WRUW 91.1 FM – so go here and read all abou the event.


There’s a BEATLES tracks of legendary status, it’s even didn’t crop up on bootlegs. 14-minutes long, mostly instrumental “Carnival Of Light” had been recorded late in 1966 and played publicly once at an avant-garde festival at the London’s Roundhouse in January 1967. Now the track’s main composer, Paul McCartney is going to release it as the soundtrack to a film sequence of the Fab Four pictures taken by Linda McCartney in 1967-1970. The track has been planned for inclusion into the “Anthology” package but got vetoed by George Harrison who reckoned it too quirky for THE BEATLES.

September 11, 2002


Looks like another title is joining John Lennon’s remaster program with “Mind Games” being reissued on October 7th in Europe and the next day in the USA. The bonus tracks are said to be as following: “Aisumasen” (alternative version), “Bring On The Lucie” (home recording) and “Meat City” (alternative version).


Yes, now it’s official: November 19th is the release date of George Harrison’s new album. Entitled “Brainwashed” – not a “Portrait Of A Leg End” or “Portrait Of A Boot Leg” – the album, featuring eleven new songs and a cover, is produced by George himself, his som Dhani and, sure, Jeff Lynne.

Says Lynne, “We started working on the album in 1999. George would come round my house and he’d always have a new song with him. He would strum them on a guitar or ukulele. The songs just knocked me out. George talked about how he wanted the album to sound, he told Dhani a lot of things he would like to have done to the songs and left us little clues. There was always that spiritual energy that went into the lyrics as well as the music.”

The first single from the album will be “Stuck Inside A Cloud” with radio premiere set for November 1st.


Seems like getting ready for the YES tour didn’t prevent Steve Howe from completing work on a solo album. “Skyline” featuring also Swiss piano player Paul Sutin who the guitarist released two records with, is out on November 4th. No Roger Dean’s artwork this time…

1. Small Acts Of Human Kindness
2. Meridian Strings
3. Secret Arrow
4. Moon Song
5. Shifting Sand
s 6. Avenue De Bel Air
7. Resonance
8. The Anchor
9. Moment In Time
10. Simplification
11. Camera Obscura
12. Small Acts


And here’s another Steve the guitarist, Steve Hackett, who’s working on a new album in his new studio while his last year’s Buenos Aires shows are finally to be out this October: a single DVD in the USA but the DVD and two CD package in Europe, with acoustic 2001’s show from Budapest to follow in this format early in 2003.

The acoutic show proved to be highly successful, so Steve is keen to perform this way but on an occasional basis rather than booking a whole tour.


Now deleted, limited to 500 units single "Whiter Shade Of Pale / Like A Rolling Stone" by Phil Lynott’s GRAND SLAM has opened the floodgates to the artist’s post-LIZZY music. Coming from the band’s keyboard player Mark Stanway’s archive, “The Studio Sessions” is a deluxe two CD box containing SLAM’s studio recordings, mostly unreleased, with only “Sisters Of Mercy” having debuted on THIN LIZZY box set and “Nineteen” issued as Lynott’s solo single. Hopefully, there’ll be much more rarities released soon on Zoom Club.

CD 1:

1. Nineteen
2. Crime Rate
3. Sisters Of Mercy
4. Whiter Shade Of Pale / Like A Rolling Stone
5. Military Man
6. Harlem
7. Gay Boys
8. Breakdown
9. Look In These Eyes
10. She Cries

CD 2:

1. Phil’s 1984 interview
2. Crime Rate (demo)
3. Nineteen (demo)
4. Slam
5. Sisters Of Mercy (alternative mix)


Hard to say what KING CRIMSON call an album but their newest EP, “Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With”, out on October 8th, comprises no less than eleven tracks, among them another installation of the grandiose “Lark’s Tongues In Aspic” instrumental saga.

1. Bude
2. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
3. Mie Gakure
4. She Shudders
5. Eyes Wide Open
6. ShoGaNai
7. I Ran
8. Potato Pie
9. Lark’s Tongues In Aspic (Part IV)
10. Clouds
11. Einstein’s Relatives

Meanwhile, the work is nearing completion on “Ladies Of The Road”, a big live release of the CRIMSO 1971-1972 incarnation in the same way that “The Night Watch”and “Absent Lovers” were for other line-ups.


IRON MAIDEN fans should be the unfortunate folks with their idols releasing a box set every once in a while. This time November 5th will see “Eddie’s Archive” box and“Edward The Great” greatest hits collection placed on the shelves.

“Eddie’s Archive” contains three double CDs of rare live recordings from 1979 to 1988 and is to be presented in a unique 270 x 190 x 60 mm limited edition silver Eddie embossed casket with a crystal Eddie Head shot glass and an individually numbered Pete Frame family tree on parchment scroll in a specially designed Eddie ring. The first of the double CDs is “BBC Archives” featuring radio tapes from 1979-1988, the second “Beast Over Hammersmith” coming from 1982 tour, and the third is tellingly called “Best Of The B’Sides”. In full, the tracks look like this.

BBC Archives:
CD 1
Friday Rock Show Session 1979:

1. Iron Maiden
2. Running Free
3. Transylvania
4. Sanctuary

Reading Festival 1982

6. Run To The Hills
7. Children Of The Damned
8. The Number of The Beast
9. 22 Acacia Avenue
10. Transylvania
11. The Prisoner
12. Hallowed Be Thy Name
13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden

CD 2:
Reading Festival 1980

1. Prowler
2. Remember Tomorrow
3. Killers
4. Running Free
5. Transylvania
6. Iron Maiden

Monsters Of Rock, Donington 1988

7. Moonchild
8. Wrathchild
9. Infinite Dreams
10. The Trooper
11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
12. The Number Of The Beast
13. Hallowed Be Thy Name
14. Iron Maiden

Beast Over Hammersmith:
CD 1

1. Murders In The Rue Morgue
2. Wrathchild
3. Run To The Hills
4. Children Of The Damned
5. The Number Of The Beast
6. Another Life
7. Killers
8. 22 Acacia Avenue
9. Total Eclipse

CD 2:

1. Transylvania
2. The Prisoner
3. Hallowed Be Thy Name
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. Iron Maiden
6. Sanctuary
7. Drifter
8. Running Free
9. Prowler

Best Of The B’Sides:
CD 1

1. Burning Ambition
2. Drifter (live)
3. Invasion
4. Remember Tomorrow(live)
5. I’ve Got The Fire
6. Cross-Eyed Mary
7. Rainbow’s Gold
8. King Of Twilight
9. Reach Out
10. That Girl
11. Juanita
12. The Sheriff Of Huddersfield
13. Black Bart Blues
14. Prowler ’88
15. Charlotte The Harlot ’88

CD 2:

1. All In Your Mind
2. Kill Me Ce Soir
3. I’m A Mover
4. Communication Breakdown
5. Nodding Donkey Blues
6. Space Station No.5
7. I Can’t See My Feelings
8. Roll Over Vic Vella
9. Justice Of The Peace
10. Judgement Day
11. My Generation
12. Doctor Doctor
13. Blood On The Worlds Hands (live)
14. The Aftermath (live)
15. Futureal (live)
16. Wasted Years ’99 (live)

September 19, 2002

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