September 26, 2002


That wasn’t not hard to believe another wave of rumours regarding RAINBOW reunion would come yet there hardly was anyone to say this time the grapevine operator would be none other than Ritchie Blackmore himself. In an interview to the German “Eclipsed” magazine Ritchie was asked as to whether he definitively finished with DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOWב and that’s what the guitarist had to answer:

“Not with RAINBOW, we’ll even go next year on tour again. It’ll be a very nostalgic affair. We do this really only because of the 10.000’s of fans all over the world, who have asked and begged for it. With DEEP PURPLE I only have to do that I sometimes integrate old songs of that band in the BLACKMORE’S NIGHT concept, however in acoustic garment and interpreted by Candice, like “Soldier Of Fortune” of the “Stormbringer” album. And, also yes, like before I’m still be friends with Jon Lord. But for the rest DEEP PURPLE is a long past era, on which I’m proud, but with whom I’ve been since ages cut off. “

Still there’s no reason to be happy, as Blackmore in no time informed that he was misinterpreted. No catch!


Purple Records have another addition to the DEEP PURPLE bootleg series, called “Live In Denmark, 1972”. In fact, compared to "Space" and "Inglewood", it’s nothing special, as the Copengaghen concert of March 1st, 1972 was issued before as “Scandinavian Nights” video (the album of the same title comes from 1970’s show), so while the sound quality is much better this time the most interesting about new release is the inclusion of some tracks from then forthcoming “Machine Head”. Later in the year, the stage set was immortalised on “Made In Japan” but that’s how it looked earlier”

CD One:

1. Highway Star
2. Strange Kind Of Woman
3. Child In Time
4. The Mule

CD Two:

1. Lazy
2. Space Truckin’
3. Fireball
4. Lucille
5. Black Night

Yet if this one can be skipped, the next live album is a must, yet there’s no release date presently for “Purple For A Day” recorded at Longbeach Arena on July 30th, 1971. Let’s wait, then.


Meanwhile, PURPLE alumnus Glenn HughesGlenn Hughes took part, having sung on a track called “Highway Roller”, in “Coming Through”, a solo album by Ryo Okumoto of SPOCK’S BEARD fame. Among other guests is TOTO’s Bobby Kimball. The album’s due out on October 14th.


Another great band, URIAH HEEP, graduate is John Lawton, now a part of THE LAWTON-DUNNING PROJECT. On May 25th they – actually, JOHN LAWTON BAND, Steve Dunning is a bassist with – played a great gig in London’d “Mean Fiddler” club, and now there’s a document of the show out. “One More Night” is a title of both CD and DVD; as John himself wrote in, “The live CD to accompany the DVD has only just been released (escaped) with DVD, hopefully, to be out next week.”That’s what’s in:

1. Still Paying My Dues
2. Feelings
3. Burning Ships
4. Firefly / Come Back To Me
5. Wise Man
6. I’m Alive
7. Rain
8. Don’t Kill The Fire
9. Tonight
10. Been Hurt
11. Shoulder To Cry On
12. One More Night

Yes, the tracklisting looks bloody familiar, as it’s the same as of "Steppin It Up" acoustic album out earlier in the year – yet the difference is that the show was electric. Step it up!


“Live In Europe ’73” is a new archive release from SPENCER DAVIS GROUP, out soon on Purple Records. The album features the band in concert and on air, and incudes alternate takes, single-only “Mr. Operator” and Winwood-era classics “Gimme Some Lovin and the extended “I’m A Man”. The line-up then was Spencer Davis, Ray Fenwick, Pete York, Eddie Hardin and Charlie McCraken.

1. Let’s Have A Party
2. Catch You On The Rebop
3. a) I’m A Man part 1
b) Man Jam
c) I’m A Man part 2
4. Gimme Some Lovin’
5. Living In A Back Street
6. Today Gluggo, Tommorrow The World
7. Legal Eagle Shuffle
8. The Fastest Thing On Four Wheels
9. One Night
10. Trouble In Mind
11. Tumble Down Tenement Row
12. Hanging Around
13. Mr. Operator


A new supergroup is brewing up, called COCKSTAR. Under this banner work former MOTLEY CRUE members Nikki Sixx and John Corabi, L.A. GUNS guitar-slinger Tracii Guns, Kris Kohl who drummed for ADEMA, and a singer named London. Well, a singer, as this time Corabi is a second guitarist. The material is being written currently for a debut album to be out in 2003.


November 11th will see the release of “Edge Of The World”, a new album from golden-voiced Mark Boals. The ensemble really match the singer, with guitar duties worked out by Tony MacAlpine, Chris Brooks, Neil Citron and Jeff Kollman, drumming by Vinny Appice and Virgil Donati and keys tinkled by Erik Norlander. Bass guitar? One Mr. Boals is a multi-talented guy, y’know?

1. Fly
2. World On Fire
3. Lady Babylon
4. Taking Control
5. Up To You
6. Between Two Mirrors
7. Garden Of Pain
8. Through The Endless Night
9. Trouble In Paradise
10. Crossfire
11. The Criminal
12. Hold On (To Our Love)

September 26, 2002

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