September 3, 2002


Riding high on the wave of their enduring success, URIAH HEEP had to delay the plans to present the fans with a new album any day soon. Hopefully, recording will take place sometime next year, and that’s what the bandleader Mick Box sent in to the eager Heepsters:

“Hello! Well, I thought I should just update everyone regarding our recording situation. Unfortunately, we are behind schedule in this regard due to our live work. Being one of the principle song writers and the bands manager, guitarist, tour manager and secretary slaving over a hot computer and red hot telephone, it has been a difficult time to successfully put in the time on the writing pad. We seem to finish shows on the weekend which necessitates that on Monday / Tuesday I tie up the weekends accounts etc, then Phil and I get together for writing on Wednesday and then it is Thursday / Friday preparing for the next shows.

But all is not lost as the songs we have written so far we are very happy with. Trevor has been writing too so he has a few under his belt, so to speak. It is a shame we are not further down the line but we have decided not to put too much pressure on ourselves so that the quality of the final product does not suffer. We will keep battling on and, after the HeepVention in the USA, we can really buckle down and get the job done. Although saying that, we will have to do some rehearsals for the Magicians Birthday Party which once again will take us away from the recording job in hand.

There is also the added time consumer of getting the rehearsal studio and recording studio when we are ready and of course Pip’s availability. We shall as always do our best and be rest assured we want to be able to be proud of the next CD and retain the quality that we have already established over the years. As always, keep on Heepin’ on, and those that have seen us live over the last couple of months I hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we have.

‘Appy Days, Mick Box”

‘Nuff said – frankly.


In last decade Marc Bolan‘s fans were inundated with alternate versions of albums, tons of out-takes and demos… And they’re still aplenty, but some of this bonanza make a bulk of a new Marc Bolan & T. REX box set entitled “20th Century Superstar”. The 4 CD compilation comprises both famous singles and long lost 45s, solo and groups recordings, B-sides and classics, alternative takes and mixes, as well as two previously unheard songs, a poem and live performances. Plus 64-page booklet. OK, that’s how it goes…

CD One :

1. The Road I’m On (Gloria) (Toby Tyler) 
2. Blowin’ In The Wind (Toby Tyler) 
3. The Wizard (Marc Bolan) 
4. Beyond The Risin’ Sun (Marc Bolan) 
5. The Third Degree (Marc Bolan) 
6. San Francisco Poet (Marc Bolan) 
7. Etern Spell (Marc Bolan) 
8. Hippy Gumbo (Marc Bolan) 
9. Misfit (Marc Bolan) 
10. Jper C. Debussy (Marc Bolan) 
11. Desdemona (JOHN’S CHILDREN) 
12. Midsummer Night’s Scene (JOHN’S CHILDREN) 
13. Sara Crazy Child (JOHN’S CHILDREN) 
14. The Lilac Hand of Menthol Dan (Marc Bolan) 
15. Sleepy Morris (TYRANNOSAURUS REX) 
16. Highways (Misty Mist)
17. Child Star
18. Chateau In Virginia Waters
19. Puckish Pan
20. Lunacy’s Back
21. Debora
22. Hot Rod Mama
23. Scenescof
24. One Inch Rock
25. Salamanda Palaganda
26. Conesuala
27. Juniper Suction
28. Nickelodeon
29. Pewter Suitor
30. The Seal Of Seons
31. Catblack (The Wizard’s Hat)
32. Chariots Of Silk
33. Iscariot


CD Two:

1. King Of The Rumbling Spires
2. Do You Remember
3. Do You Remember
4. Once Upon The Sea Of Abysinnia
5. Ill Starred Man
6. Demon Queen
7. By The Light Of The Magical Moon
8. Lofty Skies
9. Elemental Child
10. Dove
11. The Prettiest Star (by D. Bowie)
12. Oh Baby (Dib Cochran & THE EARWIGS)
13. Ride A White Swan (intro) (T. REX) 
14. Ride A White Swan (T. REX) 
15. Ride A White Swan (outro) (T. REX) 
16. Untitled Poem (Marc Bolan) 
17. Jewel (T. REX) 
18. Diamond Meadows (T. REX) 
19. Beltane Walk (T. REX) 
20. Suneye (T. REX) 
21. Childe (T. REX) 
22. The Children Of Rarn (T. REX) 
23. Hot Love (T. REX) 
24. King Of The Mountain Cometh (T. REX) 
25. Mambo Sun (T. REX) 
26. Cosmic Dancer (T. REX) 
27. Get It On (T. REX) 
28. There W A Time/Raw Ramp (T. REX) 
29. Rip Off (T. REX)

CD Three:

1. Jeepster (T. REX) 
2. Life’s A G (T. REX) 
3. Sailors Of The Highway (T. REX) 
4. Telegram Sam (T. REX) 
5. Cadillac (T. REX) 
6. Baby Strange (T. REX) 
7. Metal Guru (T. REX) 
8. Thunderwing (T. REX) 
9. Spaceball Ricochet (T. REX) 
10. Children Of The Revolution (T. REX) 
11. Jitterbug Love (T. REX) 
12. Xmas Flexi Message (T. REX) 
13. Solid Gold Ey Action (T. REX) 
14. Born To Boogie (T. REX) 
15. 20th Century Boy (T. REX) 
16. Highway Knees (T. REX) 
17. Electric Slim & The Factory Hen (T. REX) 
18. Left Hand Luke (T. REX) 
19. The Groover (T. REX) 
20. Blackjack Big Carrot
21. Truck On (Tyke) (T. REX) 
22. City Port (T. REX) 
23. Teenage Dream (T. REX)

CD Four:

1. Venus Loon (T. REX) 
2. Painless Persuion vs
The Meathawk Immaculate (T. REX) 
3. Change (T. REX) 
4. Till Dawn (T. REX) 
5. Light Of Love (T. REX) 
6. Zip Gun Boogie (T. REX) 
7. Think Zinc (T. REX) 
8. Solid Baby (T. REX) 
9. New York City (T. REX) 
10. Chrome Sitar (T. REX) 
11. Dreamy Lady (T. REX) 
12. Christm Bop (T. REX) 
13. Jupiter Liar (T. REX) 
14. Dawn Storm (T. REX) 
15. London Boys (T. REX) 
16. I Love To Boogie (T. REX) 
17. Ler Love (T. REX) 
18. Life’s An Elevator (T. REX) 
19. To Know Him Is To Love Him
(Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones) 
20. Teen Riot Structure (T. REX) 
21. The Soul Of My Suit (T. REX) 
22. Dandy In The Underworld (album version) (T. REX) 
23. Celebrate Summer (T. REX)


Annie Haslam, the former singer with RENAISSANCE, is releasing her second live CD early November. To follow in the wake of European release of RENAISSANCE’s“In The Land Of The Rising Sun” concert album, Annie’s endeavor, called “One Enchanted Evening” and recorded at the Upper Tinicum Church in PA in June, 2001, is to be out on her own White Dove Records label. There’ll be some new songs, too.


The long awaited “Genius” rock opera is getting near, with Episode One, “A Human Into Dreams’ World”, appearing on Frontiers Records on October 23rd. That’s the reason enough for the man behind the trilogy, Italian guitarist Daniele Liverani, to go in the open with a special site. Only two principal players, Liverani handling guitars, bass and keyboards, and drummer Dario Ciccion back an amazing array of singers. Here’s the cast of characters:

Mark Boals – Genius
Lana Lane – Doorkeeper
Daniel Gildenlow – Twinspirit n. 32
Chris Boltendahl – Stationmaster
Joe Vana – King Mc Chaos Consultant
John Wetton – King Mc Chaos
Steve Walsh – King Wild Tribe
Oliver Hartmann – King Wild Tribe Consultant
Midnight – Maindream
Philip Bynoe – Storyteller
Olaf Senkbeil, Hachy Hackmann, Chris Boltendahl – Choirs

And here’s what’s inside the first part:

1. Without Me Today (Mark Boals)
2.The Right Place (Mark Boals with Lana Lane)
3. Paradox (Mark Boals with Daniel Gildenlow)
4.The Glory Of Our Land (Chris Boltendahl)
5. All Of Your Acts (Joe Vana)
6. Dreams (Mark Boals)
7. My Pride (Steve Walsh with John Wetton)
8. There’s A Human (Oliver Hartmann)
9. Father (John Wetton)
10.Terminate (Midnight)
11. I’m Afraid (Mark Boals, Daniel Gildenlow, Midnight and John Wetton)   

September 3, 2002

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