SERPICO – Ain’t Better To Leave

Inverse 2017

SERPICO - Ain't Better To Leave

Ain’t Better To Leave

When staying power is thrown into doubt, it’s time to dance the night away.

A heavy band wrapping their riffs around four-on-the-floor figures can’t fail in attracting attention and misfortune. That’s how it went for this Finnish collective during their first U.K. tour – and that’s why, perhaps, their debut album “Shallow Mistress” didn’t make much of a splash there. “Ain’t Better To Leave” is a second single leading up to its successor and a document of sorts of those shenanigans, what with Jani Serpico’s drums propelling rapid eye movement memories towards both history and the future.

Basically a pop song in a hard rock format, the piece has a blues inflection to it, thanks to Kalle Vee Dour’s bending of chorus lines. This, together with the quintet’s chant, makes their delivery infectious, but flurries of rock ‘n’ roll licks render the song truly irresistible. So no, it ain’t better to leave until the music’s over.


March 23, 2017

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