Shawn Phillips Calls Fans To Help With Materials For His Documentary

As the success of Shawn Phillips‘ recent release of "Live In The Seventies" has shown, the interest to the veteran singer-songwriter’s oeuvre didn’t really diminish over the years, and the number of his aficionados continues to grow. One of those is Alex Wroten, a composer, filmmaker and writer in his own right who, having known the musician for many years as he was friends with Wroten’s parents, decided to shoot a documentary about Shawn.

In his words, “Alex, for the last seven years has been researching and compiling material comprising films, videos, audio, including over 100 interviews of people throughout the States and Europe I have interacted with over my history in life and the music industry. Only five years ago, he made me aware that he was doing this in order to create a feature-length documentary.”

Still, what the movie creators’ have managed to collect is not enough, so Shawn and Alex ask Phillips’ fans to raid their own archives and dust off any material they may have stored or simply share their recollections of meeting him. There’s a dedicated website where such contributions can be submitted. A great cause to celebrate the great artist.

November 3, 2022

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