Simon Phillips Boxes Up His “Protocol”

In all fairness, Simon Phillips‘s project PROTOCOL must be talked about in the same reverential tone as THE TONY WILLIAMS LIFETIME or BUDDY MILES EXPRESS, yet it’s a sign of our times that genuine originator doesn’t often gets his due. Although Simon’s drumming is heard on a plethora of classic albums by other artists, his own creative heart has long been in what started as a solo album back in 1988 and turned into a jazz-rock ensemble which released the follow-ups to “Protocol” in 2013, 2015 and 2017, with "Protocol IV" – the series’ latest chapter – nominated for Grammy last year. All four records, remastered, are gathered in a box set – titled as Phillips’ aforementioned debut – whose additional value lies in a couple of extra discs which contain demos for the collective’s output.

These demos allow the listener to take a look at the composer’s method. They run like this:


Box Set

Disc 5: Protocol II & III Demos
1. Wildfire
2. Funk Tune #1
3. Six Eight
4. Pump Type
5. Thirteen
6. Herbie Type
7. Ballad
8. Three Four
9. Zawinul
10. Mystery
11. Protocol Blues
12. A Perfect Flush
13. Circle Seven
14. Pilatus
15. Stir Crazy
16. Fast Five

Disc 6: Protocol IV Demos
1. Six Eight
2. Pentangle
3. Indian Theme
4. 7 Four Funk
5. Intro + Celtic Boogie
6. Blues
7. Ballad
8. Jan Type

April 17, 2019

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