SKYTALK – Days In The Sun

SkyTalk 2015

SKYTALK - Days In The Sun

Days In The Sun

New York trio look up to register their progressive presence on debut EP.

Funk and prog are unlikely bedfellows, and though they’ve been feeding into each other for years, it’s rare that someone builds a whole agenda on such an alloy. These three youngsters do – with enviable vigor – delivering “Days In The Sun” in less than a year from the moment the Steinberg twins, guitarist Talor and singing bassist Jordan, met ivories-pushing drummer Ello Costello. The band’s tight-but-loose interplay brings forth promising passages, like the dawn-painted one opening the title track, but the same energy is jarring as, once heated, melodies tend to evaporate, and no amount of wah-wah, as “Say” also suggests, can’t make suburban boredom arresting.

That’s why, with licks and riffs boiling hot, “Hearing The Silence” turns out quite dry, its powerful chorus an exemption and its solo section the best showcase of the group’s dexterity, as is the unhurried perkiness of “Fall Awake” whose organ bedrock and vocal harmonies add soulful delicacy to the transparent attack. Yet the bristling, and bursting with panache,”Foot Traffic” has all the elements mixed in a right, rather romantic, dosage to make the listener want more – only with more variety, perhaps. Nice start.


February 18, 2016

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