SLADE’s Don Powell Calls On ELO’s Bev Bevan On Anthemic Single

It’s not too rare that when a drummer founds a group of their own, they switch to some other role as a performer and delegate laying down a beat to somebody else – which has never been a case with Don Powell, who, after parting company with SLADE, got a few ensembles going: QSP, DON & THE DREAMERS and DON POWELL’S OCCASIONAL FLAMES. And then there’s THE DON POWELL BAND, the collective behind a glamorous cover of THE LOOK’s “I Am The Beat” – first issued as a single independently and now ready for a mass release on June 7th.

feat. Bev Bevan –
I Am The Beat

The record finds the veteran reunite not only with his former SLADE II colleagues, singer Steve Whalley and bassist Craig Fenney, but also with an old friend Bev Bevan, mostly known by stints with THE MOVE and ELO, who’s much more than a mere guest here, as the two drummer engage in dual, or duel if you like, performance. There are three versions of the titular song on the disc, yet, hopefully, there will also be an entire album of this infectiousness.

1. I Am The Beat (radio version)
2. I Am The Beat (extended version)
3. I Am The Beat (cinematic mix)

May 9, 2024

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