SLIM CHANCE Feature Pete Townshend On New Album

It speaks volumes of the camaraderie the late Ronnie Lane instilled in his SLIM CHANCE that many years after the Face’s untimely passing his former collective play again – and not only play but also record. There have been a few of their albums in the last decade, and “The Phoenix Tapes” which will see the light of day on May 21st reflects on these ten years by bringing together tracks laid down during this period without making it to the disc. The cuts originally appeared on YouTube in 2020 to help alleviate aficionados’ psychological load during lockdown, and the fans’ feedback made the band release them on CD.

Featuring the core artists – Steve Bingham, Charlie Hart and Steve Simpson – the fresh offering sees a number of guests too, including the ensemble’s alumnus Alun Davies, he of Cat Stevens fame, and Pete Townshend who’s on “Travellers’ Jo” which Billy Nicholls penned after Lane had left THE FACES, so it’s a predecessor to 1977’s “Rough Mix” that was Ronnie and Pete’s full-blown collaboration. As for the other pieces, there are three originals, four Lane classics and a smattering of covers, all looking like this:

The Phoenix Tapes

1. Anniversary (2011)
2. When I Paint My Masterpiece (2015)
3. Hard Times (2014)
4. You’re So Right (2017)
5. All Too Soon (2017)
6. Connection (2014)
7. Roll On Babe (2015)
8. Zabrina (2017)
9. Black Betty (2015)
10. Jivin’ Jivin’ (2015)
11. Traveller’s Joy (2017)
12. On The Road To Findout (2014)
13. Stone (2013)
14. Buona Sera Signorina (2016)

May 16, 2021

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