Snake Anthony 2018



Closer to home, Brooklyn band hit their stride to get in the groove and not let go.

For all the sneakiness this group’s name suggests, things have never been easy for them – although, one can say a hard way is the way for any new artist. The quartet’s debut EP, 2016’s “Don’t Stop!” didn’t become their MO, and the following year saw the foursome take a sabbatical, with a full-length record ready to go and its release hindered by a line-up change. All that sorted out and “Home” scheduled to see the light in April 2018, the ensemble unleash “Monster”: an alert sort of single to make the wait for the album a thrilling time.

An infectious slab of tight funk, full of yelps and hooks, the piece feels seriously deep if fun-laden, its unhurried drift hitting all the right buttons, albeit Tadashi Beddie’s vocals seem to lack a bit of luster – which is perfect for such a blunt attack. With Konstantin Pirutin’s guitar propelling it all towards a highly charged rock ‘n’ roll solo, preceded by a pregnant pause, there’s a powerful groove to the song, and there’s also tension that, together, are able to render “Home” a fortress of delight.


March 26, 2018

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