SOFT WORKS’ Archival Performance To Be Issued

It’s going to be a poignant release because three quarters of this ensemble – Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and Allan Holdsworth – passed away, and only John Marshall is still with us. “This ensemble” was SOFT WORKS – SOFT MACHINE by other name – which reformed in 1999 with a line-up comprised of former members who had never played in such a configuration before, recorded "Abracadabra" back in 2003 and toured with it around the world. On August 11th of that year, the foursome played in Osaka and documented that concert on a tape but never got to issuing the live album – until now. Restored, enhanced and mastered by Mark Wingfield and available from MoonJune Records as a 2CD set and download, “Abracadabra In Osaka” is a precious performance.

Featuring both classic cuts and new numbers, there’s a lot to enjoy on this album:

Abracadabra In Osaka

1. Seven Formerly
2. Alphrazallan
3. Elsewhere
4. Baker’s Treat
5. Calyx
6. Kings & Queens
7. Abracadabra
8. Madam Vintage Suite
9. Has Riff
10. First Train
11. Facelift

December 6, 2020

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