SOMEHOW JO! – Go With The Jo

Inverse 2016

SOMEHOW JO! - Go With The Jo

Go With The Jo

Manifestation of collective conscious for Suomi heavy-and-hilarious metalheads.hs

Exclamation mark in this quartet’s name speaks, or rather screams, volumes of their dynamic intent, as does the title of the band’s 2015 debut. Yet while “Satans Of Swing” was a vehicle for singer Christian Sauren’s songs to roll, single “Go With The Jo” is a product of the whole ensemble’s compositional whim, which can explain its volatile nature and motley tune. From klezmer kind of ska to prog rock to folk and beyond, Sakari Karjalainen’s guitar riffs and vignettes provide a solid carcass for the ever-shifting groove whose twists and turns defy the “nasty shit we are dealing with” gambit and reflect the group’s confusion with regards to their direction.

That’s why there’s gloom of gallows and somber abandon in the metal clang following initial merriment to undercut it and resolve in funereal march: it’s a reflection of life, no less. So if the invitation to go with the Jo means they’re here to stay and accompany you for years to come; in other words, it’s an offer you can’t refuse.


October 18, 2016

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