Sons Of John And Paul Pen A Song; Ringo’s Scion Works With Elton

It’s been a long-time, if apparently futile, hope of many a Fabs’ fan to see THE BEATLES’ scions work together, yet while there’s still no intention for four middle-aged lads to form any kind of ensemble, James McCartney and Sean Lennon have finally found a framework to pool their creative forces. In the meantime, Zak Starkey seems to have involved himself in a charity project which Slash and Elton John help the drummer to flesh out.

Junior Lennon and McCartney couldn’t have more different careers – the former a brilliant melodist with a slew of experimental works under his belt, the latter a humble performer with discography spanning just two full-length records – but they are much alike when it comes to balladry. It’s a little surprise, then, that the two cowrote a romantic piece; what’s really surprising is the fact that “Primrose Hill” hasn’t gotten a lot of traction on streaming platforms. Strange – given the song, standardly simple as it may be, feels really good.

In his turn, Ringo’s heir has been collaborating with artists of higher profile. As a drummer for THE WHO who rather recently shared a Rio stage with GUNS N’ ROSES, he hooked up with Duff McKagan and recorded a cover of T.REX’s “Children Of The Revolution” to which Starr added a series of trademark beats and Slash a flurry of guitar licks and guide vocals before the track was passed on to Elton John who laid down a piano part and then to Axl Rose to voice it. Connoisseurs should relish the presence of two Sirs on the number, as both of them played on the classic’s original version. But that’s not all, because the fresh piece will land on an album benefitting cancer-stricken teenagers and including, in Zak’s words, “more than one Beatle, a Smith, a Pretender, an Ashcroft, an Iggy and many more…” Noble.

April 24, 2024

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