SORRONIA – Words Of Silence

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SORRONIA - Words Of Silence

Words Of Silence

Cinematic sway from Hungarian metallurgists shines a light into the future.

In order to stand out on today’s female-fronted folk metal scene a band must have something special about them, and that’s surely not symphonic orchestra which by now became a regular tool of trade in the genre. But that elusive element rocks this quintet’s oeuvre far and wide: it only takes some time to get past the anger-rising “Fallen Angel” and tap into blissful trance induced by the powerful drumming from Kristóf Vízi which in “Enemy Of Yourself” creates a perfect portal for Anna Király’s enchanting voice to come out of and soar. Up and away over István Biró’s piano ripples and László Szabó ‘s guitar riffs, the dramatic scope grows in “Serenade Of Memories” to epic proportions without needlessly stretching the time.

The shortness of this album allows the ensemble accumulate their compositions’ emotional impact, although the moving acoustic backdrop of “Shattered” demonstrates that the group can easily discard their heaviness and still stand tall on a hard, maybe even higher, ground. Here, the operatic assault behind “My Eternal Land” feels superfluous, whereas the electronically-enhanced pagan vibe elevates “This Is The End” to the heights of exciting expectancy of the record’s follow-up. A rare occasion nowadays.


March 6, 2014

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