SPACE ELEVATOR – Space Elevator

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SPACE ELEVATOR - Space Elevator

Space Elevator

On a time warp, young British band take it to the stars without losing the sense of gravity.

When this band unveiled their debut single “Don’t Believe A Word” – a charity-benefitting, sly rendition of a THIN LIZZY gem – they did not only set their classic rock agenda but also warned future fans they weren’t to be taken for granted. A few months down the line, the quartet’s full-length album expands on that notion in spectacular manner – and it couldn’t be different given the players’ previous involvement in the “We Will Rock You” musical. Still, although “We Are The Losers” is a musical-box nod to another classic, the songs’ strength and span make any stylistic stance truly irrelevant.

It’s a heady melange of melodies that see the group marry heavy riffs to a pop gloss on “Little White Lies” and delicately serenade Doctor Who in “I Will Find You (Gallifrey Dreams)” yet “Loneliness of Love” ushers the listener into a metal disco, with David Young spinning a guitar mirrorball, while the baroque-tinctured “Oils And Bubbles” sounds both playfully sincere and moderately bombastic. Just as natural as a few tracks are slightly bent on operatic rock, funky opener “Elevator” is a cosmic rave where The Duchess’ voice bounces off Neil Murray‘s bass before Elliott Ware’s piano pours a dose of sadness in and the ensemble get back into solar fire.

That’s why their statement in “We Can Fly” has to be believed, but the sky’s not the limit for this quartet.


August 18, 2016

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