SPIRITS BURNING And Michael Moorcock Venture Into The Hollow Lands

A respectable writer whose fantasy novels have been captivating a few generations now, Michael Moorcock is no stranger to music world, and although he has a sort of solo career – as documented on a recent solo outing – the veteran’s rock credentials are mostly associated with HAWKWIND and BLUE ÖYSTER CULT whose records gave a tune to his lyrics. Yet his collaboration with Don Falcone’s SPIRITS BURNING proved more equal-footed, with their "An Alien Heat" bringing sci-fi context to life, so the end of 2020 will see the release – on CD and vinyl as well as download – of that album’s follow-up. An adaptation of “The Hollow Lands” – the second book of Moorcock’s “Dancers At The End Of Time” trilogy – it’s to feature, as usual, a variety of guests performers.

The artists involved include, naturally, former HAWKS – such as Bridget Wishart and Harvey Bainbridge – and BÖC members – Eric Bloom, Joe Bouchard, Richie Castellano & Buck Dharma – as well as NEKTAR’s Ron Howden, STRAWBS’ Chas Cronk and other luminaries. As for the tracks, they run like this (read the review):

The Hollow Lands

1. To Hollow Lands
2. Isn’t It Delicious? *
3. Playing At Ships
4. Dance Through Time
5. Warm Snow Peaks *
6. The Hunt *
7. A Haze Of Crimson Light *
8. Conflict & Illusions *
9. Robot Nurse & The Children Of The Pit *
10. A Conversation With H.G. Wells
11. Awful Dilemma
12. Mr. Underwood’s Soliloquy *
13. Time Machine Cabriolet *
14. We May Yet Be Saved
15. Morphail Megaflow *
16. Memorable Night At Café Royal
17. To The Time Machine, At Last
18. Make A Fire

* not on LP

July 31, 2020

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