SPIRITS BURNING Expose Their Wordless Facet

Don Falcone’s SPIRITS BURNING project, a collective of stellar players of space-rock stripe, have always been prone to experiments, working in their own universe as well as sharing it from time to time with CLEARLIGHT and Michael Moorcock on the likes of, respectively, "The Roadmap In Your Head" and "The Hollow Lands". More so, the ensemble’s 2021 folk-based opus "Evolution Ritual" stressed acoustic aspect of their sound, which is why there’s no conceptual surprises in the fact that that album’s follow-up, titled “Recollections Of Instrumentals” and penciled in for November 25th release, will highlight the group’s wordless side.

The record includes previously released cuts – some with, as the title suggests, vocals mixed out; others, like “The Ticking Of Science” where Steven Wilson on guitar, are hard-to-find instrumental pieces from the band’s early offerings – which create a new context even for familiar numbers to feel fresh. An interesting prospect.

Recollections Of Instrumentals

1. We Move You * – feat. Nik Turner and John Ellis
2. Ingredients… Pink Lady Lemonade… Liftoff… –
3. Coffee For Coltrane –
    feat. Albert Bouchard, Theo Travis and Cyrille Verdeaux
4. Make Believe * –
    feat. Bridget Wishart, Danny Thompson and Alan Davey
5. The Ticking Of Science – feat. Steven Wilson
6. New Spell – feat. Daevid Allen
7. Alpha Happiness **
8. Czaritsa * – feat. Simon House
9. Queen Of Ghosts * – feat. Harvey Bainbridge

* new instrumental mix
** previously available on a “Best of” album only

October 20, 2022

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