Spookey Ruben finds his third angle

Spookey Ruben

It was almost 20 years ago that Canadian musician Spookey Ruben has found himself an unlike cult star. The world somehow heard and embraced his debut album, “Modes Of Transportation Vol. 1”, one that Ruben did completely on his own, and it saw a release in Japan, Germany and Italy, so Spookey gathered a band and embarked on a global trek. It eventually led him to Los Angeles, where Ruben was composing film music, while becoming a filmmaker himself. There have been more records, too, including “M.O.T. Vol. 2”, yet its predecessor remains a minor classic: one of its pieces, “These Days Are Old” is even used as theme song of German TV talk show “Zimmer frei!”. And now, two decades later, the artist is ready to present the third installment in the series – along with the re-release of the first one.

On his own again and up to finish what he started, “Triangle is my favorite shape,” Spookey told DME a week ago stressing that he’s returning to his roots with this Indiegogo campaign which is to include both records: a new one and the deluxe version of Ruben’s debut, remastered and expanded. There are some exciting perks for those willing to help, so be a part of the cult.

December 6, 2014

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