Starry Hydra Of THE FUSION SYNDICATE Returns

More than a decade has passed since THE FUSION SYNDICATE, a coterie of Cleopatra Records usual studio suspects served up their self-titled debut album that didn’t make a lot of waves but is warmly remembered by quite a few prog connoisseurs who loved to hear their heroes edge into jazz rock. Which is why September 15th will see the release of the project’s sophomore offering.

Bearing the title of “Speedway On Saturn’s Rings” and seeing Fernando Perdomo perform the producer’s role that Billy Sherwood used to sit in, it find a smattering of originals played by the legendary likes of Bootsy Collins and Al Di Meola, with a generous number of bonuses carried over from the endeavor’s first record. Non-essential, if interesting.

Speedway On Saturn’s Rings

1. A Speedway On Saturn’s Rings – feat. Al Di Meola
2. Planet 15 – feat. Chris Poland
3. IO – feat. Rick Wakeman
4. Escape From The Black Hole – feat. Angelo Moore and Bumblefoot
5. The Bottle – feat. Bootsy Collins, Eric Jackson, and Carmine Appice
6. Blasting Off – feat. Jan Akkerman
7. Lunar Rover On Mars – feat. Didier Malherbe
8. Coming Back Home – feat. Steve Stevens
bonus tracks:
9. Random Acts Of Science
10. Stone Cold Infusion
11. Molecular Breakdown
12. Particle Accelerations

July 19, 2023

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