If Sports Superstars Were Music Genres…

Sports and music. The two are like peanut butter and jelly. Many athletes turn to music to help them prepare, relax, or find inspiration. Likewise, many musicians have become engrossed with the superstars of their favorite sports.

Both sports and music are ever-present in life and pop culture. And as technology grows, digital platforms such as music streaming services and the Vegas’ best sportsbooks only make each more popular.

Remarkable athletes and musicians become larger-than-life personas. Superstars. In honor of this affinity, let’s imagine sport’s biggest stars today as a type of music genre.

LeBron James: Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Whenever James plays, it’s a party! James’ fast-paced and all-around style elevates the entire team’s play and the game of basketball becomes something more.

You’ll see highlight reels and spectacular moments almost like if you were in a dance party or nightclub driven by the deafening EDM. And like the music genre, James can throw down some thunderous dunks on his end.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Classical

Watching elite soccer players like Ronaldo aka “CR7” is like watching fine art or listening to classical music. To the untrained eye, Ronaldo is but kicking or bouncing a ball but upon closer look, he’s subtly performing moves of immense complexity.

To truly appreciate classical music, likewise, requires a fine-tuned sense of listening as the grandeur of the genre can be lost to those who do not pay enough attention.

Serena Williams: Rock and Roll

There are superstars and there are rock stars. Williams is a modern day rockstar even if she doesn’t see herself as one. Her powerful serves and commanding presence make her a force of nature much like the genre itself.

Additionally, rock has become one of the most influential genres having spawned countless subgenres in its own right. In the same sense, Williams has inspired generations of tennis players with her style and personality.

Tiger Woods: Jazz

Picking a single genre to encompass the complexity of Woods’s character and sportsmanship is a tall task, but jazz is likewise just as difficult to describe.

Woods is often a misunderstood superstar. He went from being a brash divisive superstar to the underdog everyone is cheering for. And beneath his seemingly stoic exterior is a robust and sometimes unpredictable personality. That’s jazz.

Conor McGregor: Punk

Punk is the genre for the anti-establishment, the rebels, and the mavericks. McGregor is all of the above and a man who walks and talks in whatever way he pleases – and he’d apologize to absolutely nobody for it.

In terms of his fighting style, McGregor has incorporated aspects of several disciplines from karate to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to boxing. Likewise, punk is the product of a mix of several music genres.

Floyd Mayweather Jr: Hip Hop

Few music genres are as slick or as cool as hip hop, even if it can be controversial. Mayweather is the same way. The all-time great is undefeated with a 50-0 record.

Notably, he’s also the richest boxer and one of the richest athletes to ever live. Similarly, hip hop has become one of the most famous (or infamous) and lucrative music genres.

Virat Kohli: Pop

Like pop, most people would have heard of Kohli even if they aren’t necessarily fans of his sport of cricket. The top-order batsman has set the cricketing world ablaze with his prolific batting skills the same way pop music has dominated billboard charts and box offices.

Kohli is also an A-list celebrity across the world with legions of fans flocking to him. You can likewise substitute his name with other pop stars like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift.

John Cena: K-Pop

While this seems like a stretch, Cena has as many dedicated fans as Korean bands do. Despite both of their popularity, their respective groups are considered niche and “out there”. It’s not for everyone, but those who enjoy it do so to a next level.

Cena flashes an outrageous but otherwise iconic persona, colorful garments, and catchy catchphrases. Somewhere, a Korean band can describe themselves in similar ways.

Tom Brady: Disco

Tom Brady? Disco? This might be a head scratcher, but it’s really simple: Tom Brady wins. And when you win, what do you play? Light-hearted music you can dance to. That’s disco pop and other similar genres.

Of course, seeing Brady bust a move would be the cherry on top. But he’s started lightening up lately. Maybe he’ll just do it when he wins his eighth Super Bowl.

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