STATUS QUO Dig Into Their Beginnings

It may be nigh on impossible to pinpoint when exactly STATUS QUO acquired the “one-hit wonder” tag that go against the grain of their track record charts-wise, yet it’s not too difficult to understand why this happened. When the band began, they were a psychedelic outfit, and quite a few people would refuse to align the fanciful “Pictures Of Matchstick Men” creators with the well-oiled riff-machine which rolled through the ’70s and ’80s and had the likes of “Down Down” rock all over the world. And now, those naysayers can get their hands on the riches of the collective’s paisley period – collected in a box set and set to hit the shelves on March 15th.

Supported by the ensemble and their management, “The Early Years – 1966-69” is comprised of the five CDs that don’t really contain anything previously unreleased, but the rarities and Beeb cuts which are spread over three discs – the other two are dedicated to the group’s first two albums, “Picturesque” and “Spare Parts” – were earlier out as bonuses on various reissues and a limited edition “Live At The BBC” collection, so to have it all in a single place, contextualized and accompanied by a 40-page booklet with sleeve notes and memorabilia is nice. Completists and those who separate different eras of QUO must rejoice.

The Early Years – 1966-69

CD 1 – Original Mono Albums
Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo:
1. Black Veils Of Melancholy
2. When My Mind Is Not Live
3. Ice In The Sun
4. Elizabeth Dreams
5. Gentleman Joe’s Sidewalk Caf?
6. Paradise Flat
7. Technicolor Dreams
8. Sheila
9. Spicks And Specks
10. Sunny Cellophane Skies
11. Green Tambourine
12. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Spare Parts:
13. Face Without A Soul
14. You’re Just What I Was Looking For Today
15. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
16. Antique Angelique
17. So Ends Another Life
18. Poor Old Man
19. Mr. Mind Detector
20. The Clown
21. Velvet Curtains
22. Little Miss Nothing
23. When I Awake
24. Nothing At All

CD 2 – Stereo Albums:
1-24 – as on CD 1

CD 3 – Before Status Quo
1. I (Who Have Nothing) (A-side, 1966)
2. Neighbour, Neighbour (B-side, 1966)
3. Hurdy Gurdy Man (A-side, 1966)
4. (Her Name Was) Laticia (B-side, 1966)
5. (We Ain’t Got) Nothing Yet (A-side, 1967)
6. I Want It (B-side, 1966)
7. Spicks And Specks
8. Walking With My Angel
9. When He Passed You By
10. Love In Vain
11. Say That You Need Me
12. Neighbour Neighbour (alt. version)
BBC Session, Saturday Club – September 10th, 1966:
13. Gloria
14. Interview With Francis Rossi
15. I (Who Have Nothing)
16. Neighbour, Neighbour
17. Bloodhound
18. Bird Dog
19. Almost But Not Quite There (A-side, 1967)
20. Wait Just A Minute (B-side, 1967)
BBC Session, Saturday Club – June 24th, 1967:
21. I Don’t Want You
22. Almost But Not Quite There
23. It Takes Two
24. Spicks And Specks

CD 4 – A-sides, B-sides, Demos & Outtakes:
1. To Be Free (mono – non-album B-side)
2. Make Me Stay A Bit Longer (non-album A-side, 1969)
3. Auntie Nellie (mono – non-album B-side)
4. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love (A-side, 1969)
5. The Price Of Love (A-side, 1969)
6. Little Miss Nothing (B-side)
7. Nothing At All (demo excerpt)
8. Josie (“Spare Parts” sessions)
9. Do You Live In Fire (“Spare Parts” sessions)
10. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (alt. version mix)
11. Paradise Flats (alt. version, stereo remix)
12. Hey Little Woman (You’re Just What I Was Looking For Today) (alt. version)
13. The Price Of Love (alt. version)
14. Auntie Nellie (stereo remix)
15. Josie (alt. mix)
16. Pictures Of Matchstick Men (alt. version mix)

The Early Years – 1966-69

CD 5 – BBC In Session, 1968-1969
David Symonds – January 16th, 1968:
1. Spicks And Specks
2. Judy In Disguise
3. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Saturday Club – February 13th, 1968:
4. Interview with Brian Matthew
5. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
David Symonds – March 29th, 1968:
7. Gloria
8. Interview with Alan Lancaster
9. Black Veils Of Melancholy
10. Bloodhound
Saturday Club – July 30th, 1968:
11. Ice In The Sun
12. When My Mind Is Not Live
13. Paradise Flats
14. Interview
Symonds on Sunday – January 27th, 1969:
15. Make Me Stay A Bit Longer
16. Are You Growing Tired Of My Love
17. The Price Of Love
Symonds on Sunday – January 31st, 1969:
18. The Price Of Love

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