STATUS QUO’s John Coghlan Relaunches His Biography

From psychedelia to hard rock: that’s the path which not only SPINAL TAP took but also STATUS QUO, whose groove for the first two decades of the band’s existence was driven by John Coghlan. One of the frantic four, the drummer may have left the group in 1982 after leaving his mark on their greatest hits, but Spud – this is his nickname – continued to play, mingling with the likes of Phil Lynott and presently working on a new album. Unsurprisingly, the veteran has quite a few yarns to spin – and does so in a recently published book.

Written by Steven Myatt and titled “Spud” – unlike the first attempt of mapping out John’s career in 2000’s tome “Coghlan and Quo” that the new edition corrects and expands – the book is rather large, issued in A4 format and having 280 pages, and seems to be an interesting read for the quartet fans and wider audience alike.

“Myatt has spoken extensively to me and my wife Gillie; and to Bob Young, Alan G Parker and other friends,” says Coghlan. “I am very happy with the book, which charts not only my life, but is a fascinating history of the Sixties and the British music scene.”

September 27, 2023

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