STEELEYE SPAN: Hello, Terry Pratchett! Goodbye, Peter Knight!

This year is going to be a milestone in the long history of English folk-rockers STEELEYE SPAN. Perhaps, it’s a sign of their glory that, once the band finished making a new record, “Wintersmith” – it’s based on the Tiffany Aching books by Terry Pratchett, who took an active part in the preparation of the album – that multi-instrumentalist Peter Knight announced his plans to leave the band after a current tour, which ends in December.

A fixture in the group’s line-up since their second LP, Please To See The King” from 1971, Knight’s name’s been on all of STEELEYE’s albums bar two, more than that of Maddy Prior’s, and if not for him, the ensemble might have folded long ago. Now they’ll carry on without Peter.

Says Peter Knight, “I am not retiring, and have lots of work planned for next year and will also be spending more time with my own trio, Peter Knight’s GIGSPANNER, as well as with the Feast of Fiddles. A solo album is also being planned for the new year. Busy times ahead!”

All the luck to both Peter and the band. As for “Wintersmith,” it’s out and features the following tracks:

STEELEYE SPAN - Wintersmith


1. The Dark Morris
2. Ancient Eyes
3. The Good Witch
4. The Wee Free Men
5. Wintersmith
6. You
7. The Summer Lady
8. Love Enough
9. Hiver
10. First Dance
11. Fire & Ice
12. Crown & Ice
13. Band of Teachers
14. We Shall Wear Midnight
15. The Dark Morris Tune

And here’s its trailer:

November 14, 2013

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