Steve Ellis Between The Past And The Future

To many, Steve Ellis‘ name is synonymous with “Everlasting Love” which he delivered with LOVE AFFAIR but there’s much more to the singer than that one hit. There’s always surprise when he embarks on a new enterprise, although not of these are as radical as the artist’s hard rock turn for WIDOWMAKER. Still, Steve’s latest collaboration is bound to turn the young eyes on Ellis. The project in question is a piece the veteran recorded with fellow Brits COW after a chance meeting with the duo who offered him a few of their songs, and ended up with a double A-side single bearing two cuts on it: “Rise” and “Up.”

THE LOVE AFFAIR - Time Hasn't Changed Us

Time Hasn’t Changed Us

But if that’s going to be a limited edition vinyl release – at least for now – a 3CD-box of LOVE AFFAIR‘s complete CBS tapes from 1969 to 1971, called “Time Hasn’t Changed Us,” will be available for all in June. A tracklist hasn’t been unveiled yet, but what’s known is that:
* CD1 contains all the band’s recordings on the label
* CD2 features the tracks with Gus Eadon, Ellis’ successor, at the microphone
* CD3 holds Steve’s “Lost Masters” – remixed classic pieces.
Which means it’s a true treasure trove.

March 24, 2015

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