Steve Hackett Issues Report From 2019 Tour

Unlike many of his peers’ rekindled flames, Steve Hackett‘s “Genesis Revisited” project doesn’t show any signs of dimming after a regular tours and regular live releases as their result. The secret to the success of this endeavor is each of Steve’s concert trek having a concept, a theme that allows Hackett – and his fans – not focus on the staples of the veteran’s repertoire but introduce deep cuts to the set, while offering an excuse for leaving out some aficionado’s favorites. That’s how it was in 2019, when the guitarist was celebrating the 40th anniversary of his "Spectral Mornings" album and also performing GENESIS classic “Selling England By The Pound” in its entirety.

The tour ended with a show at London’s “Eventim Apollo” – formerly known as “Hammersmith” – on November 29th, which was recorded for posterity and will be issued on September 25th, 2020 as a 2CD/DVD package, a usual format for Steve Hackett’s on-stage documents. Titled simply “Selling England By The Pound & Spectral Mornings – Live At Hammersmith” and featuring Steve’s brother John on a couple of cuts, the set will run like this:

Selling England By The Pound
& Spectral Mornings –
Live At Hammersmith

Set 1 – Spectral Mornings:
1. Every Day
2. Under The Eye Of The Sun
3. Fallen Walls And Pedestals
4. Beasts In Our Time
5. The Virgin And The Gypsy (with John Hackett)
6. Tigermoth
7. Spectral Mornings
8. The Red Flower Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere (with John Hackett)
9. Clocks – The Angel Of Mons
Set 2 – Selling England By The Pound:
10. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
11. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) 
12. Firth Of Fifth
13. More Fool Me
14. The Battle Of Epping Forest
15. After The Ordeal
16. The Cinema Show
17. Aisle Of Plenty
18. Deja Vu
19. Dance On A Volcano
20. Myopia / Los Endos / Slogans / Los Endos

August 2, 2020

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