Steve Hackett To Issue An Autobiography

Even though Steve Hackett prefers his guitar, and standalone singers, to do the talking on-stage, the legendary artist is a great storyteller, with “legendary” being a keyword here as, for all the spotlight shed on him, Steve remains an enigma. That’s why Hackett had been working on an autobiography since 2016 until recently, and July 2020 will see the book – titled “A Genesis In My Bed” – finally hitting the shelves.

When we spoke a few years ago, the veteran remarked that the volume “will be what a spontaneous work lacks, because it’s not a response to anyone’s questions – it’s a response to everything you have experienced in terms of priority from the word go. The way I saw London, for instance, after it had been heavily bombed from the war; that’s not something I can really ask someone to ask me about, but it’s something that’s important to me to try and paint the picture of the time that I grew up in.” All this means, revelations are guaranteed, from Hackett’s time with the titular group and beyond it.

And now Steve says: “I’ve been compiling the autobiography for some time. I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences. There are a lot of questions people have had too regarding my time with GENESIS which I address in the book. I also hope it will be an entertaining read… and I feel that now is a good time for me, when I can look back in my life and all the best memories with a feeling of strength.”

Those who want their copies be numbered – up to 1,000 – and signed by the artist, can pre-order the hardcover, 224-page book from his site or Wymer Publishing.

February 5, 2020

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