Steve Hillage And Philip Glass Tune Into Allen Ginsberg

One of the greatest beatniks, Allen Ginsberg may have slipped from this mortal coil 26 years ago, yet his poetry continues to inspire artists all around the world, as it did back in the ’60s when Bob Dylan and John Lennon explored the American’s writings to fuel their own creativity. Among his most celebrated opuses is “The Fall of America: Poems of These States, 1965–1971” that was published in 1973 which provided Allen’s aficionados with two jubilee opportunities, so the first “50th Anniversary Musical Tribute” to Ginsberg was out in 2021 and the second got a release a couple of weeks back.

“The Fall Of America II” unites very interesting artists, some of whom, including Devendra Banhart and Thurston Moore, were present on the project’s first chapter – yet this time there are prominent additions to the album’s array, where quite a few performers are paired with the late poet’s voice, the alluring newcomers being Phillip Glass and Steve Hillage‘s SYSTEM 7, and such a prog angle can’t be ignored.

The Fall Of America II

1. Hum Bom! – Ai Weiwei, O FUTURE, & Aliah Rosenthal
2. Pentagon Exorcism – Anne Waldman
3. A Prophecy – Thurston Moore feat. Saul Williams
4. Bixby Canyon – Kai Campos & CJ MIrra, feat. Allen Ginsberg
5. Dear Queer Bar – Devendra Banhart feat. Allen Ginsberg
6. Holy Ghost On The Nod Over The Body Of Bliss –
    Jack Dangers feat. Allen Ginsberg
7. Sonora Desert Edge (The Abyss) – SYSTEM 7 feat. Allen Ginsberg
8. Death On All Fronts – WHY?
9. Over Denver Again – Seb Taylor feat. Allen Ginsberg
10. Guru – Fennesz & Taylor Deupree
11. September On Jessore Road – ASHES, feat. Allen Ginsberg
12. Cremation Piece (On Neal’s Ashes) – Oliver Ray & NO LAND
13. Pertussin – Dave Harrington & Will Epstein, feat. Allen Ginsberg
14. Iron Horse (The Universe Is Empty) – Miho Hatori
15. Have You Seen This Movie – Phillip Glass feat. Allen Ginsberg

October 25, 2023

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