Steve Howe Oversees The Reimagining Of TOMORROW’s Classic

For a band who barely managed to issue their lone, eponymous album, TOMORROW proved to be highly influential – and not because the British quartet feautured such future luminaries as guitarist Steve Howe, drummer Twink and singer Keith West. It was the collective whose fuzzy psychedelia captured the zeitgeist in post-swinging London most perfectly with such singles as “Revolution” and “My White Bicycle” the latter of which would be covered by quite a few artists, including NAZARETH, and with live performances that blew paisley shirts off the in-crowd. Unfortunately, what was preserved on record in 1967 didn’t do justice to what the musicians wanted to achieve – until now.

Scheduled for issue on April 28th, the new version of the foursome’s debut longplay – boasting the revised tracklist which omits some of the album numbers in favor of others, sporting a mindboggling artwork by YES specialists The Gottlieb Brothers, and titled “Permanent Dream” – refreshes the classic through the use of cutting-edge technology, made available after the recent THE BEATLES projects, that enhances the original, if remastered, mono mixes, to allow the creation of contemporary-sounding stereo. Overseen by Howe himself, who contributed to liner notes together with John Alder, aka Twink, it’s what the ensemble envisaged back in the day.

Permanent Dream

1. Real Permanent Dream – Version One
2. Hallucinations
3. My White Bicycle
4. Why
5. Revolution
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
8. Now Your Time Has Come
9. Claramount Lake
10. Caught In A Web
11. Real Permanent Dream – Version Two
12. The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase
13. Now Your Time Has Come (live)
14. Shotgun And The Duck (live)

February 4, 2023

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