Steve Howe Takes His Trio, and Bill Bruford, To The Limit

On and off on the scene for a decade now, THE STEVE HOWE TRIO is a vehicle for YES guitarist to indulge his love for jazz and pay tribute to such genre giants as Kenny Burrell and Miles Davis. Still, Steve’s collaboration with his drummer son Dylan and organist Ross Stanley hasn’t been too productive, record-wise: they released a studio album “The Haunted Melody” in 2008 and followed it with a live set, “Travelling,” in 2010. Yet September 27th will see the issue, on Esoteric Antenna, of the combo’s new offering, titled “New Frontier” and featuring, for the first time, all original material.

But the absence of the re-workings of Howe’s main band’s classics doesn’t mean that link was severed: there are three pieces Steve co-penned with his erstwhile colleague Bill Bruford.

New Frontier

Here are the full tracklist of the album:

1. Hiatus
2. Left To Chance
3. Fair Weather Friend
4. Zodiac
5. Gilded Splinter
6. Showdown
7. Missing Link
8. Outer Limit
9. Western Sun
10. The Changing Same

July 29, 2019

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