Steven Wilson To Release A Document From The Albert Hall

This spring, Steven Wilson performed a series of shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where the prog avatar – with the help of Ninet Tayeb on a few numbers – played a good portion of “To The Bone” as well as the chosen cuts from his previous records and the PORCUPINE TREE back catalogue. The reviews were raving, and those who couldn’t make it to those evening, will soon have a chance to experience, to an extent, the atmosphere that reigned there and then. On October 26th, Wilson is to release “Home Invasion – In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall”: the recording of what looks like the March 29th set list – as a package of 2CDs and DVD or Blu-ray.

It’s surely a wonderful, multimedia-enhanced extravaganza, whose whole run is – for the video version thereof:

STEVEN WILSON - Home Invasion

Home Invasion

1. Intro – “Truth”
2. Nowhere Now
3. Pariah
4. Home Invasion / Regret #9
5. The Creator Has A Mastertape
6. Refuge
7. People Who Eat Darkness
8. Ancestral
9. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
10. Permanating
11. Song Of I
12. Lazarus
13. Detonation
14. The Same Asylum As Before
15. Song Of Unborn
16. Vermillioncore
17. Sleep Together
18. Even Less
19. Blank Tapes
20. The Sound Of Muzak
21. The Raven That Refused To Sing
22. Routine
23. Hand Cannot Erase
24. Heartattack In A Layby
25. Interview

September 1, 2018

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