Stewart Copeland And Stanley Clarke Bring Back ANIMAL LOGIC

Established 35 years ago, in 1987, this collaboration should have taken the world by storm – and seemed to scale some charts – but, sadly, Stewart Copeland and Stanley Clarke didn’t share too much beyond their initials, so, less than half a decade down the line, after only a couple of platters, ANIMAL LOGIC, a trio the two groove-shaking legends formed with singer Deborah Holland, ceased to exist. They never broke contact, though: the drummer and the bassist playing on the warbler’s first solo album, “Freudian Slip” from 1994, with Copeland also appearing on Holland’s “Fine, Thank You!” in 2020 – that’s not mentioning their 2013 session for Stewart’s “Sacred Grove” series on YouTube – yet nobody could predict the release of the band’s fresh pieces in 2022.


The forthcoming arrival of the two titles – “Can You Tell Me” and “Ordinary” which will see the digital light of day on November 18th via various streaming platforms and the collective’s own Bandcamp page – is even more unexpected given their long gestation. It was back at the beginning of 2019 that Deborah posted a few pictures and short videos, documenting the little ensemble’s recordings at the “Sacred Grove” and two months later announced they had been beavering away with an EP in sight, only nothing came out of it, because the next piece of news appeared in 2020, where five songs in the works were mentioned, which, apparently simmered down to just two – better than nothing, of course.

As of the group’s further plans, no words.

October 21, 2022

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