Stewart Copeland Documents His Orchestral Endeavors

While there’s nothing strange in artists trying to escape from songs that made them stars in collectives where they served before striking solo, there’s also nothing strange in their returning to classic material in a new way, one reflecting the wisdom of years. It was like that with Phil Collins’ big band, with with he presented fresh renditions of GENESIS gems alongside other numbers, and with another drummer’s endeavor, Stewart Copeland‘s reading of THE POLICE pieces in the company of a symphony orchestra – a venture that ran in 2021-2022, that returns this year and that has been documented on an album now.

Scheduled for June 23rd, the record titled “Police Deranged For Orchestra” has strictly the songs by Copeland’s old ensemble on it – delivered by Stewart and orchestra, and his stellar group including longtime friend, guitarist Rusty Anderson, mostly known by stint with Paul McCartney, so there’s a lot to enjoy.

Police Deranged For Orchestra

1. Don’t Stand So Close To Me
2. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3. Message In A Bottle
4. King Of Pain
5. Demolition Man
6. Murder By Numbers
7. Roxanne
8. Tea In The Sahara
9. Can’t Stand Losing You (Regatta De Blanc)
10. Every Breath You Take (Intro)
11. Every Breath You Take

April 15, 2023

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