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Valery 2012

STICK IT OUT -  Today’s Dump

Today’s Dump

Welcome to the scrapyard where the party’s going on. If that’s what the Romans do, why not share it, even if not in Rome?

Whatever you make of this Italian band’s title, you can be sure of their punk edge. Yet there’s more to their second album, where a sense of unbridled merriment presides, so when the guitars of “Lay Down” start rock ‘n’ rolling and bass slaps your ass, you can’t help but join the catchy chorus. The stadium-wide chant rides on the brilliant percussion throughout and, although sometimes the squeal borders on overkill, cuts like “Turn On Dime” pack many a pop hook in their release.

“Have You Understood” and “Not For Me” roll out more serious messages without losing an iota of their magnetism which quite often hangs on Chuck Berry-like licks, and while the noise of “Rock The Crowd” comes on too obvious, there’s no stopping to the hurricane charge “Price You Pay”. Perhaps, it’s not very original – closer “Another Big Deal” stresses that – but the vibe is good.


May 17, 2013

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