STONE THE CROWS Dig Into The Beeb Archives

Theirs was a short history, yet STONE THE CROWS remain the finest progressive blues band to have hailed from Scotland, their four studio albums still sounding fresh and ever-relevant. However, on-stage this ensemble shone even brighter, which is why there have been a few concert recordings issued over the years, most of the tapes coming from the Beeb archives. Having it all in one place would be good, though, especially when something previously unreleased is to augment the familiar tracks, so the “Live At The BBC” box set schedules to arrive soon will cater to such needs. Over four hours of hot instrumentation and Maggie Bell’s voice, remastered and contextualized, look like a good prospect of tidying up one’s collection.

Live At The BBC

Disc 1 – BBC Sessions 1969-1970
“Top Gear” – 24/11/69:
1. Raining In Your Heart
2. The Touch Of Your Loving Hand
“Top Gear” – 19/5/70:
3. Freedom Road
4. Hollis Brown
“Sounds of the 70s” – 13/5/70:
5. Raining In Your Heart
6. Friend
“Sounds of the 70s” – 28/10/70:
7. Mad Dogs And Englishmen
8. Love 74
9. Things Are Getting Better

Disc 2 – BBC Sessions 1971-1972
“Sounds of the 70s” – 7/6/71:
1. Faces
2. Let It Down
“Sounds of the 70s” – 6/9/71:
3. Big Jim Salter
4. Keep On Rollin’
“Friday Night Is Boogie Night” – 11/4/72:
5. Goin’ Down
6. On The Highway
7. Mr. Wizard
“Sounds of the 70s” – 6/9/72:
8. Good Time Girl
9. Penicillin Blues
10. On The Highway

Live At The BBC

Disc 3 – Live In Concert At The BBC
Palace Theatre, London – 4/11/71:
1. Keep On Rollin’
2. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
3. Big Jim Salter
4. Mr. Wizard
5. Goin’ Down
Palace Theatre, London – 12/10/72:
6. On The Highway
7. Palace Of The King
8. Penicillin Blues
9. Sunset Cowboy
10. Niagara
11. Good Time Girl
12. Ionian Highland Lilt

Disc 4 – BBC Broadcasts
Sunday Concert – 28/5/70:
1. Freedom Road
2. Blind Man
3. Danger Zone
4. Hollis Brown
“Sounds of the 70s” – 7/7/70:
5. I Saw America Pt.1
6. I Saw America Pt.3
7. Sad Mary
Sunday Concert – 26/11/70:
8. Penicillin Blues

September 30, 2021

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